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Welcome to Our Site

Nature provides us with a wide range of beneficial plants, leaves, flowers, and roots. These ingredients can be used in skincare, medicine, cosmetics, and even food to help cure ailments and get other benefits. One such potent natural ingredient is the mimosa hostilis tree.

This plant is native to Latin America, specifically to Mexico and offers a number of great benefits. We at Melmac Industries are a front running company in this space that provides high quality mimosa hostilis root and bark products.

The History of Mimosa Hostilis Powder

The medical and cosmetic benefits of mimosa hostilis bark are well-known and documented. It was first used by the Mayans of Mexico to treat skin lesions. They roasted the Mimosa tenuiflora bark and then powdered it.

The mix was then applied to injuries to stave off infections and promote healing. This bark powder became an essential aspect of Mayan healing traditions and it still enjoys a place of prominence among the descendants of those people.

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Root and Bark products are intended for Dye and soap making uses only. Purchaser agrees not to orally ingest.

History of Mimosa Hostilis Plant

The Mayans used it to treat a number of ailments as well. Tea from the leaves and stems is effective against tooth ache and the water extract from the plant is effective against cold or bronchitis. The aqueous extract from this plant is also used to help soothe and heal burns. Many people in Mexico and the surrounding regions still use the bark for treatment and find it very effective.

This remedy is effective because the bark has 16% tannins. This compound acts as an astringent and can help stop bleeding. It helps combat infections while the wound is in the process of healing and developing new skin. The tannins also help reduce capillary permeability, which can help stall bleeding as well.

Mimosa bark powder consists of a number of great nutrients like manganese, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. All of these ingredients help promote cellular repair, which can also promote healing of wounds.

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